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Security Services

Our Security Division is our Flagship services department delivering the highest in customer satisfaction. With over 20 years of combined experience in the security industry, our security engineers will help define a security plan that is right for your network. We understand that security is a crucial topic for all businesses and our goal is to make it easy and manageable for any size network.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services are the core for mission-critical computing. The CFI approach is to provide clients with the most advanced, proven and integrated technologies available. Our services include the design, delivery and deployment of computer hardware and software products with specific consulting services, which provide our clients with a sound computing environment.

With our expertise in many areas of technology infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking, security and management tools, we provide our clients the assurance that their critical applications are running in a sound computing environment with the highest up-time available.

Bundled Services

CFI addresses mission-critical IT and business needs by offering a single point for “bundled” solutions including implementation services, financial services and hardware and software products from a variety of leading technology providers. Our areas of expertise include servers and server consolidation, networks, desktops and software.

Solution Implementation

Communications Finance Inc. CFI Services Department provides effective solution implementation services to help companies maximize the return on their technology investments. Our implementation experts work closely with you to leverage leading industry practices and ensure efficient implementation at every stage of the process.

Compliance Concerns

Regulatory compliance standards such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS are part of today’s IT management landscape. They dictate business requirements above and beyond standard operating procedures–but they don’t have to create additional burdens or complexity for your network.

CFI’s compliance security solutions can rein in some of the confusion surrounding compliance issues, especially with regards to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability your data and applications.

Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Successful businesses expect the unexpected, and they plan for it. Network outages, hardware failures, and natural disasters can all damage an otherwise healthy business, putting critical data at risk, interrupting services, and causing significant loss of revenue.

CFI’s solutions can help you create a strong business continuity and disaster recovery plan–so you can be prepared for seamless, uninterrupted operation and avoid excessive downtime and reduced productivity.