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Kaspersky Lab is a company that is dedicated to ensuring that its customers are protected from malware and cybercriminals.

This dedication has brought great success. In just over 15 years, we’ve become one of the top four vendors of endpoint security software.

Helping businesses to keep one step ahead of the threats

Globally, Kaspersky’s protection is approaching 400 million endpoints – and that number is increasing by 50,000 endpoints every day. We operate in over 100 countries and employ over 2,400 highly qualified experts that are committed to exposing, analysing and neutralising IT threats.

The experience and skills that we’ve amassed over the years help us to keep one step ahead of our competitors… so our customers can keep one step ahead of new and emerging threats… and Be Ready for What’s Next.

A history of serving corporate clients

In 1999, Kaspersky Lab was the first company to introduce integrated antivirus software for workstations, file servers and application servers running on Linux/FreeBSD operating systems.

Today, we provide an extensive range of IT security solutions for the most popular operating systems – including applications for the protection of file servers and data storage systems running Windows, Linux and Novell NetWare operating systems, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino groupware servers.

Kaspersky also protects Sendmail, qmail, Postfix and Exim mail servers, Microsoft ISA Server/Forefront TMG and various Linux proxy servers – plus workstations and laptops running Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems… as well as smartphones based on Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms.

We have integrated solutions that provide world-class anti-malware protection in a single suite of applications that work seamlessly across a range of platforms and endpoints – including workstations, laptops, file servers, mail servers, Internet gateways and smartphones – so you can be confident that your network is secure