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The next generation of technology innovation is just around the corner. These upgrades aren’t always optional – they’re essential to providing your company with the increased productivity and performance you need to maintain your competitive edge and increase your profitability.
Your financial structure may not allow you to take advantage of rapidly changing technology landscape when you really need it. In addition, the book value on your existing technology may outweigh its value to your organization. What are your options?
Communications Finance Inc. provides the solution with flexible and convenient ways to manage your technology and keep pace with innovation through leasing. Leasing allows your company to finance the entire solution – hardware, software, peripherals and soft costs such as service and installation. You make a single monthly lease payment for all of your needs to a single company…Communications Finance Inc. We won’t sell your lease as many other leasing companies do; CFI holds all of the paper on 100% of its leases.

Why Customers Lease

Ability to Upgrade Technology as Needed

As your computing needs change, leasing through CFI gives your company the ability to add-on or upgrade your technology when the need arises. Refresh your assets without the time and budget constraints associated with capital acquisitions.

Flexibility to Meet Unique Financing Needs

Leasing provides unmatched flexibility to custom-tailor a program to meet your company’s individual financing needs. CFI offers a wide range of programs and options to meet specific cash flow requirements.

Conserve Capital

With a CFI lease, your cash remains untouched and available for other profitable uses. In addition, leasing expands your company’s financial resources without affecting established credit lines.

Gain Tax Advantages

Many companies realize significant tax benefits from leasing their technology. Monthly lease payments are generally tax deductible and can be treated as a business expense. Consult your accountant or tax advisor for specific details on this important benefit.

Stretch Your Budget

Many companies struggle to balance the need for new technology with budget constraints. Leasing helps stretch budget dollars with monthly payments that are often lower than purchase installments.

Reduce Up-Front Costs

Conventional bank financing typically requires a minimum balance. With leasing, there is usually no minimum balance or down payment required.

Minimize Risk

When you purchase computer equipment, you run the risk of owning technology that can rapidly become obsolete. Leasing through CFI simplifies the task of upgrading or adding to your existing technology.